1. The different levels of English

The different levels of English

Les niveaux d’anglais de A1 à C2 fournis par de nombreux tests d’anglais ou certifications sont des notes issues de l’échelle de compétences linguistiques européenne mise au point par le CECRL (Cadre Européen Commun de Référence pour les Langues). Son équivalence existe en anglais avec le CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

Découvrez votre niveau d’anglais grâce à cette grille de référence, en fonction de vos résultats aux principaux tests de langue existants.

Niveau CECRL Équivalence Équivalence en anglais
A1 Niveau introductif Beginner
A2 Niveau intermédiaire Elementary
B1 Niveau seuil Intermediate
B2 Niveau avancé Intermediate+
C1 Niveau autonome Advanced
C2 Niveau maîtrise Mastery

Elementary English level (A1, A2)

The English levels from A1 to C2 provided by many English language tests or qualifications are scores from the European Language Proficiency Scale developed by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Its equivalence exists in English with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).

Find out your level of English thanks to this reference grid, based on your results in the main existing language tests.

Independent level of English (B1, B2)

By achieving a grade of B1 on a recognized certification, you are able to prove a certain understanding of English. Your grammar and vocabulary are more extensive and you can understand the main points during a standard conversation. You have sufficient ability to describe facts, discuss various topics and hold a conversation in a professional context. You can also form long and complex sentences.

A grade of B2 makes you an independent user. You have reached an advanced stage in English, which allows you to demonstrate real competence both orally and in writing. You can hold technical speeches in your chosen fields and read complex texts. Your way of communicating also becomes more natural and spontaneous. Your English is completely correct and allows you to be perfectly at ease in any English-speaking country.

Experienced level of English (C1, C2)

If you manage to reach C1, you can consider yourself an experienced speaker. You have become autonomous: able to understand long texts with the words you are looking for, you express yourself naturally and easily, while mastering different levels of language according to the context. Your expression is fluid and you can answer complex questions. This degree shows a real mastery of the language which gives you the opportunity to work abroad. 

The grade C2 is the highest in the CEFR classification. It justifies a level that is excellent in every respect, which is difficult to achieve with simple training. By achieving such a result, you are perfectly bilingual. Your knowledge of the language is similar to that of a native speaker. You therefore have no difficulty studying or working in the English-speaking country of your choice. This is a passport to an international career.

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