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English course

With the Wall Street English method, learning English is within everyone's reach. Whatever your level, you can find the course that suits you in order to progress quickly. In small groups or with a private teacher, in a specialised centre or at a distance, the English courses delivered give oral communication a central place, allowing progress to be visible in a few weeks. Whether you are aiming for a language certification or an improvement in your personal or professional level, you will have the opportunity to progress in English both in writing and orally.

A proven method

Developing language skills begins with gaining confidence in speaking. To achieve this, Wall Street English schools promote a unique method based on the way native speakers learn to speak English. The emphasis is on listening and repetition, then training to express yourself in English on a regular basis. The English courses offered are composed of 65% oral practice and 35% theoretical lessons to improve your grammar and vocabulary in English.

All the teachers giving classes have as mother-tongue speaking English. Lessons are to be followed in small groups (less than 5 people) with a homogeneous level to facilitate speaking and conversation. To perfect this method, it is recommended to practice English regularly. Wall Street English courses have a success rate of 97%.

Language courses accessible to all

The great strength of this teaching technique is that it is open to the many people. By contacting one of the Wall Street English training centres, you will be accompanied at all times. First, a free test will be conducted to determine your level and help you choose the training programme that best suits your needs.

You can choose a general English course for beginners or advanced lessons. Training courses for professional English (business oriented), intensive learning, help for secondary school or preparation for the most renowned exams (cambridge, TOEFL, IELTS certifications) will also be offered.

The functioning of the courses

For each course given, a personal follow-up is ensured by the teachers, consultants and the entire teaching team. Their expertise will be put to good use to ensure rapid progress in all areas: pronunciation, vocabulary, comprehension and fluency in both written and spoken English. Every effort will be made to ensure that you reach the level you have set for yourself. Online exercises are also available to improve your skills outside the classroom.

The courses are accompanied by online lessons with clear and fun videos, which will help you perfect your pronunciation. Quizzes on vocabulary and grammar are also available. In addition, noted competency tests are to be completed at the end of each lesson, helping you to visualize your progress. Thanks to small working groups, you will be able to practice speaking very frequently and make real progress.

Our different language course formats

Wall Street English offers, within its various language schools:

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