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English courses: our personalised courses

The Wall Street English method allows you to personalise your lessons as much as possible, creating a perfect formula for everyone!

Our courses consist of:


Are activities focused on specific areas: grammar, conversation, business English, etc. They help you improve in all these areas. There, you will find a teacher and students at your level, to advance at your own pace.

Social Club

It allows you to learn by experiencing English through everyday situations, such as having breakfast, a drink, etc. These social activities are organised to interested students bring together, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Our online courses

Combine different listening, repetition, roleplay and vocabulary exercises. These exercises allow you to learn at your own pace and feel comfortable during your lessons with a teacher.

Lessons with a teacher

These lessons with 1 to 3 participants are dynamic and motivating. During these lessons, the teacher verifies and consolidates the knowledge you have acquired through our various activities and online lessons.

Private or semi-private lessons

If you feel the need, it is possible to take extra lessons to better understand certain subjects or disciplines.