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Professional Coaching - English language training for professionals

The solution for professionals who know they need to improve their English but don't have the time or motivation to follow a standard school programme.

This method is the most popular among working professionals and executives and is fully customised to their budget, time available and goals.

It's no secret that English has become the language of choice in the workplace. Even if you don't use it on a daily basis in your company, it is still a considerable asset if you come into contact with new clients, especially internationally. This is why we offer personalized English coaching to help you improve your English.

How it works:

  • A language expert helps you define the number of personal coaching sessions you need to achieve your learning goal.
  • You define your availability and we book your lesson with your personal coach.
  • On our digital study platform, you prepare as much of the lesson as possible according to your available time (it can be as little as one hour per week).
  • In a 60-minute session, your coach will consolidate what you have prepared, guide you through what you have not been able to prepare and take time to review any specific requests you may have (such as the vocabulary you need for your workplace).
  • You have access to all of our online resources (such as exercises, videos, tips, etc.) as well as workshops and social club activities (which are optional but allow you to network while you learn).

Our flipped blended learning method will help you master English faster than ever before, but it also requires a certain amount of preparation time that many professionals may not have.

The professional coaching solution offers a perfectly balanced mix of individual coaching and dynamic study using our renowned interactive tools.

Improving your level and skills in English while keeping a total balance with your corporate life is possible with our language training, adapted to your project and your needs.

Ready to get started? Don't hesitate to contact the school nearest you, or to contact us via our online form. Our teams will be happy to answer your questions and discuss with you in order to offer you the most appropriate support for your needs.

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