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Cambridge Tests and Certificates: Diplomas Certifying Your English Level

Wall Street English offers preparation courses for FCE, CAE & CPE certificates

Cambridge English tests are designed to certify a candidate's English language skills. Offered at the end of an intensive program, they are accessible to children from primary school (age-appropriate courses), teenagers, and adults.

Want to improve your English level? Wall Street English welcomes you to its schools. You can choose from 2 types of Cambridge English preparation courses tailored to your needs:

Preparation for Cambridge English tests

Over a 12-week program, students in Cambridge English preparation courses undergo intensive revisions with the aim of passing the Cambridge English test under optimal conditions. Thanks to small group English classes, extensive high-quality educational resources, and typical Cambridge English test exercises, you will be prepared to obtain your English certification. The goal is to achieve the best possible results. All registration formalities for taking the FCE or CAE exams at the examination center are also taken care of.

What are the Cambridge exams?

FCE and CAE are official certificates issued by Cambridge English (ESOL). These English exams are recognized in many countries by thousands of employers, universities, and government ministries as evidence of the ability to use English.

  • The FCE (First Certificate in English) is the most internationally recognized Cambridge exam. This certificate is required by the majority of companies. The FCE certification corresponds to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

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  • The CAE (Certificate in Advanced English) corresponds to level C1 of the CEFR. It is a high-level exam validating your ability to operate in English in complex academic or professional situations. The scoring scale ranges from 180 to 210 points. Taking this test also allows obtaining the higher C2 level if the student scores above 199 or the lower B2 level if they score below 180.

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Format of Cambridge English tests

Cambridge English tests include sections on listening, reading, writing, and listening to comprehensively evaluate candidates' English language skills.

Test Time Description
Listening Approximately 40 minutes This section tests candidates' ability to understand spoken English by listening to audio recordings. Questions focus on understanding dialogues, speeches, and conversations.
Reading 1 hour 15 minutes This section assesses candidates' ability to understand and interpret written texts in English, testing their comprehension of information, main ideas, and details.
Writing 1 hour 20 minutes In this part, candidates are required to produce written texts in English, such as letters, reports, reviews, or short stories, to demonstrate their ability to express themselves in writing.
Speaking Approximately 14 minutes The speaking section evaluates candidates' ability to communicate orally in English. They are often placed in conversation situations with an examiner or another candidate to demonstrate their fluency in spoken English.

Preparation for Cambridge English tests

If you are considering preparing for Cambridge English tests in Switzerland, Wall Street English has the solution for you! Our English language centers, conveniently located near CFF train stations, are accredited to support you in preparing for and succeeding in this exam.

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