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Learn English: our language courses in Switzerland

Learning the English language is an essential step in life for anyone wishing to travel, to better understand the world around them, to boost their career or to obtain a language certification to prove their language level in order to attend a school or company abroad.

The Wall Street English method offers excellent results, thanks to infrastructures renowned for their quality and an exclusive method that gives a high priority to oral communication.

Whatever your starting level is, you will be able to make rapid progress and aim for examinations recognized in the academic or professional world, such as the TOEFL, the IELTS or the Cambridge English exams.

To better understand the advantages of Wall Street English schools, here is a presentation of the proposed method and how the different existing English courses work.

Our English courses tailored to your needs

The English courses offered at each of our schools in Switzerland are available in different ways:

  • You can attend a standard English course in a group of 2 to 5 students. Here you will practice your language comprehension and speaking skills through a variety of activities, discussions and online learning materials.
  • Intensive courses are also available with the Wall Street English method to make significant progress in a short period of time. Flexible timetables are available to make things easier for you.
  • In order to deepen certain notions, private (or semi-private) courses are also offered. This is a good way to improve quickly and to perfect your skills in the areas of your choice. If you are unable to attend, most of the lessons can be followed online.

Depending on your objective, you will be able to choose the right teaching method. Are you looking for general lessons or more business-oriented courses? Are you looking for courses to prepare for an exam? Wall Street English, offers you the most efficient resources to help you deliver the best results.

Do you want to learn English in a fun and laid-back environment? If so, don't hesitate to contact the Wall Street English centre closest to you to start an English course adapted to your needs.

What is the best method to learn English?

The Wall Street English Method consists in reproducing the same learning techniques used for a mother tongue. It is a matter of listening carefully, before repeating and practicing. Learning the sounds comes first, then the grammar. This method has proven to be very successful, with 97% of positive results.

The courses are given in four different ways:

  • Preparation for your English course: before your encounter with a teacher, you must follow online lessons and exercises through different supports (online videos, texts, newspaper articles, audio files...). These materials allow you to prepare each lesson, to improve your pronunciation, to enrich your vocabulary, to familiarise yourself with British and American accents, words and expressions, as well as with grammar rules.
  • Evaluation exercises: each online lesson ends with a series of exercises which will be corrected by your teacher before your "encounter".
  • General courses: these are held in small groups of 2 to 5 students maximum. The teacher encourages everyone to speak and corrects your accent.
  • Workshops: these are complementary courses on specific topics or themes (current affairs, grammar, business English, etc.).

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Why should I learn English?

Today, English remains the international language, which is essential if you travel abroad. In the event of a prolonged stay in a non-French-speaking country, speaking English is a key to help you understand easily and communicate with many people.

At the professional level, speaking English is also a strong asset. Being able to speak English at an excellent level is the best way to work in business or to experience an internship abroad.

Finally, students wishing to enter a university in an English-speaking country will be required to prove their ability to speak English.

Are you ready to learn English? Start by taking a free online English test to find out which course is best for you!

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