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Passing the IELTS in Geneva

Passing an internationally recognised English exam such as IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a definite asset on a CV. The Wall Street English centre located in Geneva allows you to take the exam and prepare for it in excellent conditions. You will thus have the opportunity to obtain the best possible score for the exam.

The IELTS test

IELTS is a widely recognised certification in professional and academic circles and is often indispensable for working abroad or entering an English-speaking school. A good test score is also required for those wishing to obtain a visa for Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the United Kingdom. A high score on this test will also give you the opportunity to apply for a job where professional English is a requirement, such as in the business or communications sector.

IELTS is a general English language test that checks the overall level of candidates' written and spoken English. Accepted in 140 countries, it consists of four separate tests requiring specific skills. These include Listening (listening), Reading (reading texts), Writing (writing) and Speaking (speaking). A mark is given for each of them, resulting in an overall average between 1 and 9, which determines your level.

Preparing for IELTS Wall Street English

IELTS is a difficult language exam, so it is important to be able to prepare optimally for it in order to achieve the best results. At Wall Street English centres in Switzerland, students can follow courses specially dedicated to taking this test. Group sessions lasting 28 hours are offered over several weeks to bring you up to speed. This is an intensive training programme designed to improve your written and oral skills step by step.

The training offered at this time focuses on the four tests that must be taken in order to pass the exam. Here you can choose between small group classes taught by native English-speaking teachers, or individual tuition to help you get up to speed quickly. In both cases, this certificate of English will require you to be rigorous and organised during your preparation.

Would you like to take the IELTS? Don't wait to get in touch with the WSE training centre in Geneva. Located in the heart of the city, it allows you to prepare for the exam and take it in ideal conditions. By contacting the institute, you will be able to find out the start dates of the next group preparation courses for the exam. Individual courses are available throughout the year.  

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