The different English levels: tests and qualifications available

English tests basically tell how well you speak English. Why does this matter? Well, whether you're a student aiming to study in a foreign university or a job seeker eyeing international companies, having proof of your English skills can be very helpful.

The levels from A1 to C2, found in many English tests, are scores based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Find out what your English level is by taking a look at this chart.

Level CEFR Level Equivalent
A1 Introductory level Beginner
A2 Intermediate level Elementary
B1 Threshold level Intermediate
B2 Advanced level Intermediate+
C1 Autonomous level Advanced
C2 Master's level Mastery

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Basic English level (A1, A2)

The A1 level, also known as the introductory level, is the lowest on the CEFR scale. It defines the capabilities of a beginner English learner. At this stage, you can understand common English expressions and use them in basic contexts. Introducing yourself, asking for directions, or engaging in simple conversations are within your abilities. It's a promising start, but further lessons are needed for progress.

With the A2 level, you've moved beyond the introductory phase. You can now communicate more naturally in English. You can grasp sentences and expressions in English based on context, exchange information, and describe your surroundings. At this level, you can travel independently in English-speaking countries and manage routine tasks effectively.

Independent English level (B1, B2)

Achieving the B1 level through a recognized certification indicates a solid base of English. Your grammar and vocabulary are more extensive, enabling you to understand essential points during standard conversations. You can describe facts, discuss various topics, and engage in professional conversations. On top of that, you can construct longer, more complex sentences.

The B2 level means independence. You've reached an advanced stage in English, demonstrating proficiency in both oral and written communication. You can deliver technical presentations in your field, understand complex texts, and communicate naturally and spontaneously. Your English proficiency is high, allowing you to feel entirely at ease in any English-speaking environment.

Advanced English level (C1, C2)

Reaching the C1 level means you can consider yourself an experienced speaker. You're now autonomous, capable of understanding long texts with complex vocabulary and expressing yourself fluently and easily. You navigate various levels of language depending on the context and can answer complex questions. This level showcases mastery and opens doors to international opportunities.

The C2 level is the highest of the CEFR classification. It represents an excellent level of English, which is difficult to achieve with simple training. Achieving this level means you're perfectly bilingual, possessing language skills comparable to those of a native speaker. You can study or work easily in any English-speaking country, making it a gateway to a global career.

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