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TOEFL preparation: training programme

TOEFL preparation

In order to certify your level of English, it is necessary to pass a recognised language test such as TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Wall Street English centres allow you to follow an adapted preparation in order to take this certification and increase your chances of obtaining an excellent score.

TOEFL training programme

TOEFL preparation includes an initial level test, completely free of charge, to assess your skills. You will then have the opportunity to take classes in small groups or one-to-one with a qualified teacher. Enrolment for the test is included, and you can take the test once the preparation has been completed.

TOEFL preparation in groups

The group preparation courses take place over a specific 12-week programme. During this period, a qualified teacher, will give you all the keys to understand the different TOEFL exams. Both written comprehension and oral practice are at the heart of this teaching method, in order to adopt the most complete approach possible for taking the exam. Written skills also play an important role.

Wall Street English centres allow you to work in the best possible conditions. Each school provides students with all the learning materials used during the preparation courses. Lessons are given in small groups between 4 and 10 students for two hours a week. In this way, you will be comfortable expressing yourself and will have all the time you need to understand and assimilate each notion discussed. These teaching sessions are available during different times of the year.

TOEFL preparation with a private teacher

Depending on your expectations and availability, you also have the possibility to turn to private preparation courses. These private lessons can start at any time of the year. A qualified teacher will give you lessons adapted to the TOEFL exams. A free mock exam will be offered to you beforehand to determine the points on which you need to improve and the number of hours of lessons to be considered.

With Wall Street English, the private preparation courses are personalised. Lessons of 45 minutes, on the days and at the times of your choice, will allow you to focus on areas for improvement. You can also take advantage of the social activities and workshops set up at the WSE centres to continue your progress.

TOEFL certification

The TOEFL test is a reference for university proficiency in English. In fact, it is the test that is given priority consideration by English-speaking schools and universities worldwide. Students who wish to pursue their studies in Great Britain, Canada or the United States in particular should be well prepared to take this test. In addition to access to the English-speaking university circle, this certification allows you to apply for certain scholarships or obtain a visa in different countries.

The test consists of four parts: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. The aim here is to test a complete understanding of the English language, both written and spoken. The TOEFL score is based on a maximum total of 120 points. An advanced level is obtained from 88 points. The TOEFL is considered a difficult exam and requires intensive preparation to achieve the highest score.

By following specific preparation, you maximise your chances of obtaining a high TOEFL score. To take this certification in the best possible conditions, don't wait any longer and contact a Wall Street English centre which will support you step by step at each stage of your preparation.

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