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Training in English

Offering an exclusive learning method, Wall Street English schools give you the opportunity to choose English courses tailored to your needs. Depending on your level and your objectives, you will have no difficulty in finding the training that will allow you to improve your language skills in a short time.

English courses for every profile

At the Wall Street English centres, a wide range of courses are available to you, with programmes designed for all types of people.

Courses for children and teenagers

WSE schools offer learning programs for children and teenagers. These are interactive lessons that aim to give confidence to the younger ones. Three programs exist, around the discovery of the language (5 to 10 years old), the reinforcement of school English (11 to 14 years old) and more advanced learning (15 to 17 years old) to be recommended for people wishing to integrate a foreign university.

Courses for adults in small groups

Adults who need to improve their language skills, especially for international work, can take standard English lessons. Written and spoken expression is enhanced with online training programs and regular conversation in small groups (maximum 5 students).

Private or semi-private education

The lessons are adapted to your needs. You will have the possibility to opt for semi-private lessons, in a small group, or private lessons, alone with a teacher. Both solutions can make it easier for you to speak and allow you to improve in specific areas. 


It is not always possible to go to one of the language schools in Switzerland for training. A language programme can still be followed with online courses or the teachers interact with you via Skype. In this way, you can enjoy lessons at home, in the office or on the road.

Training in general or business English

General English lessons are aimed at all audiences, with particular emphasis on oral expression. Students and working people alike can also opt for business-oriented lessons. Business English is a professional asset and can be used to enter a prestigious university abroad. For companies, specific training programs are available.

Intensive English Courses

If you wish to take more advanced training, intensive English courses are possible. The Wall Street English method lends itself perfectly to this type of teaching. At the rate of several hours per week according to your availability, you will be able to improve quickly. These programs are indicated in case you will soon be leaving for a foreign country.

Exam preparation course

Les écoles WSE proposent des cours de préparation aux tests d’anglais reconnus à l’international que sont le TOEFL, l’IELTS et les examens de Cambridge. Chaque formation débute par un test de niveau gratuit, puis des cours particuliers ou en petit groupe. D’une durée de douze semaines, cet enseignement vous permet de favoriser votre compréhension écrite et orale à raison de deux heures hebdomadaires. Il comprend l’inscription à l’examen.

WSE schools offer internationally recognised English test preparation for the TOEFL, IELTS and Cambridge exams. Each course begins with a free placement test, followed by individual or small group tuition. This 12-week course allows you to improve your written and oral comprehension skills at a rate of two hours per week. It includes registration for the exam.

Our language schools

Wall Street English centres welcome private individuals and professionals from all over Switzerland. The WSE network currently includes eight schools throughout Switzerland. You will be able to train efficiently by going to one of the centres located in Geneva, Lausanne, Fribourg, Lugano or Neuchâtel. In each of these language schools, the courses presented here can be taken throughout the year.

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