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Do you live in Winthertour and plan to learn English to open up new horizons, travel, meet new people or seize a professional opportunity?

Wall Street English allows you to access an English course in Winthertour, without constraints and from home thanks to our e-learning platform.

Access to a quality training, a unique English learning method and qualified English teachers, all through an intuitive, fun and efficient online English training platform.

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Our online English courses

Complete and tailor-made, Wall Street English online courses allow you:

  • Privileged access to our exclusive method: The Wall Street English method has been rewarded for its unique approach, centred on oral expression and based on the learning process of the mother tongue. It is suitable for all starting levels, from absolute beginners to advanced English speakers.
  • Flexible learning: From your home, at Winthertour, during your lunch break or in a waiting room, our online courses are accessible on computer, smartphone and tablet to adapt to your availability and constraints. Our online English courses run from morning to evening, so you can choose the time that suits you best!
  • 24-hour access to our teaching resources: TV mini-series, English tests, exercises, videos, training: a wide selection of content that will allow you to prepare and consolidate the notions seen in class, during the time slots of your choice.
  • To train in optimal conditions: the online English courses with a teacher take place in mini-groups of 3 to 5 people at the same level. You benefit from ideal availability from the teacher, and do not have to worry about any difference in level with the other students.
  • Benefit from individualised support from the beginning to the end of your course, by a qualified teaching team. English teachers, educational managers, consultants and language assistants: all our professionals are mobilised to offer you personalised follow-up and to guide you in your progress.

Discover the online English course

Online English courses available in Winthertour:

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